Worship and Music

Sunday worship at Canfield Christian  involves a beautiful traditional service, but it includes contemporary features such as the use of multiple video monitors for use in congregational singing. The worship service includes:

A call to worship, led by a lay reader, which helps us center our hearts and minds to worship God.

Children are welcome to stay for the remainder of the service (with coloring pages if they wish).

Hymns are sung in unison accompanied by the organ and piano.

Sermons are Biblically based, with the diverse insight that context provides, and are applicable to our lives today.

Communion is offered every Sunday and open to all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord, regardless of denominational affiliation or church background.

Music at Canfield Christian has a history as long as the church itself. Currently, special music is provided by solo, small ensemble and choir musicians from within the congregation, as well as guest artists. Guitar performances are sometimes added to the traditional piano and organ.