An opportunity for Growth

The Interim, an exciting time of change

Office Administrator

Joann Detwiler

Working for the church is a unique opportunity for Joann. She's has gotten to know and work with so many good people. It has also given her a chance to interact with the community and offer help in different ways!

Music Director

Sally Ifill

Music Director Sally Appel Ifill has a lifetime experience in Canfield, at Canfield Christian, and in musical performance, teaching and direction.

Following  an early interest in musical theatre, she earned a BFA in Theatre at Kent State University, and continued that interest in New York City and Los Angeles before returning to the area. She later earned her teaching credentials and Masters degree in teaching the gifted and talented, at Youngstown State University. She taught for 26 years until her recent retirement. She and her husband Steve have been married for 40 years and have two daughters.

She appreciates the many friends and extended “family” she has made through her continuing service as Canfield Christian's Music Director.