Spring at Canfield Christian


Despite the snow and the pandemic, the deep purple lilacs have arrived as if to punctuate the good news brought by Pastor Ben! God loves you just the way you are! In person and zoom service at 10:30 am Sunday, Bible Study at 6:30 pm Tuesday and new prayer group to begin meeting Thursday at 9:00 am. Join us for any and all!

Palm and Passion Sunday


Palm and Passion Sunday, March 28, 2021. Come experience the last week of Jesus before His resurrection. Join on Zoom or in the room. Service begins at 10:30 am. Wagons of Hope are waiting in the Narthex to be filled for Operation Blessing!

Bible Study Provides Winter Warmth


We are continuing Sunday Services (10:30 am) and Tuesday night Bible Study (6:30 pm) on Zoom. If you would like to be included, call the church and leave a message with your email address. Bible study this week will be a discussion of 1 Corinthians and Paul's advice to the early church (and maybe a few opinions and interpretations)

Carefully Opening July 5th

The church building will be open to everyone who wishes to join us for worship starting Sunday, July 5th. We will continue to meet on Zoom at our regular time of 10:30. The church building will be used as a Zoom station, so to speak, using the screens and a camera to help connect as many of us together as possible.

While it will be so good to see each other again after so long, we know that there is still a real danger of contracting the coronavirus and so we ask that everyone who comes to the church building to observe the following guidelines to minimize the risks as much as possible:

Please wear a mask if at all possible. We will have new, cloth masks at the door if you need one. Please take it with you after the service and use it whenever you go out.

Please sit in designated pews with only yourself or your family.

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A Different, Cautious Re-open

We will be meeting together for worship in person on Sunday, July 5th for the first time since the global pandemic began. While we will all be so happy to be together, we will have to take appropriate precautions for the safety of all our members, especially those who are in high risk categories.

In an effort to provide sufficient space for social distancing, we will have certain pews cordoned off with tape and signs.

While we will not be turning anyone away, we do ask for you to wear a mask if you feel able. We will still celebrate communion together, although it will look a little different. We are still trying to figure out the safest way to do that.

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Worship with Zoom


Starting Sunday, April 19, we are holding worship services through Zoom. If you don’t have the Zoom app on your smartphone or computer, please consider getting it so that you can join us at our regular time. If you have any trouble getting it set up, don’t hesitate to contact me...
  ~ Pastor Ben

General Minister and President on re-opening congregations

Dear Church:
We are in Eastertide, when we rejoice in the good news of the resurrection, and yet so much our journey still feels like the wilderness. I continue to pray for you as we walk through these days of distancing together.

This week, some state governments are beginning to lift stay-at-home orders and allow some businesses and industries to reopen their doors. These reopening conversations are understandably raising questions about how and when churches should resume in-person worship services. These are difficult decisions, but I want to encourage you, as difficult as it is, not to rush too quickly back. It is not yet time to gather for worship in person.

I know that it is heartbreaking not to be able to gather... Click here to read the rest of Rev. Owen's pastoral letter.

Church Services Suspended

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM OUR BOARD CHAIR: We will not be having church services until Gov. Mike DeWine says it is safe. We need to pray that by doing our part we slow the spread of the virus.

Click here to read Pastor Ben's letter to the congregation Dear Brothers and Sisters in Quarantine

A Winter Break for Game Night


Our monthly Game Nights are taking the winter off to give everyone time to snuggle in and stay warm, but we look forward to starting them back up in the spring.

Family Game Nights on First Fridays


Join us at Canfield Christian Church from 7-9 monthly for board games for all ages. We will have plenty of games but if you have a favorite please bring it and make sure you invite your friends. Snacks will be provided. Save the date for our next game night, the first Friday of the month.

Alice Johns Memorial Block Party


Canfield Christian Church will host their third annual Block Party on Saturday, September 15 from 11-3 pm. Games for all ages, raffles, smoked and grilled turkey, beef, hotdogs, picnic foods and desserts are free to all who attend. Door prizes include a stay at Fattoria Bed and Breakfast and two bicycles.


Proceeds from the raffles will go to the lunch program at Canfield Schools and to the the Rescue Mission. The Block Party has been renamed The Alice Johns Memorial Block Party for Alice’s contributions to the community through her church leadership.


Join the fun as we play games, eat, share stories, listen to music. Canfield Christian is located on the Village Green in Canfield at 123 South Broad Street.

July 4th with Canfield Christian


Join us for the Fourth of July parade! Canfield Christian Church is conveniently located on the shady side of the Green. Water will be provided for the thirsty.

Installation of Pastor Ben Secaur


Pastor Ben Secaur (right, above) was installed as minister at Canfield Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) on May 6, surrounded by church and community members, friends and family. Thanks to all who made this service so moving and meaningful. What a celebration!

Discipleship Class Started

Our first Discipleship Class gave us plenty to think about as we explored our beliefs about the nature of God. Class members began drafting their own personal creeds in an effort to better express for themselves just what they believe. Along the way we also got into some good Bible study, denominational identity, and theology.

Thank you, all, for coming. Thanks, too, to Sally and Jan for the soup  and sandwich lunch. Our next class meeting will follow worship on Sunday, May 20, where we will examine the nature of Christ. Please consider joining us.
It’s not too late!

Pastor Ben

Open Church Membership Class with Pastor Ben

I am eager to host a membership class that is open to the whole church and would meet for a light lunch and discussion following morning worship. We will talk about God, Jesus, the Church, Baptism, and Communion, allowing the Scriptures to guide our discussion as we develop our own personal statements of faith. If you have not yet been baptized and/or you are considering becoming a member of our congregation, this would be an excellent opportunity to learn more. But even if you are a long-time member, you are invited not only to share your experiences with us but to further your own understanding and deepen your personal beliefs. We are still looking for a starting date, so let me know what works well for you.

Pastor Ben

Welcome Rev. Ben Secaur


Rev. Ben Secaur grew up in Kent, Ohio in a family of four, all of whom were very active in their home congregation, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). After graduating from Kent State University, he attended Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky where he met his wife, Kristin Wickless from Jacksonville, Florida. The two married and lived in Central Kentucky for about ten years, raising two daughters, Samantha (14) and Lilac (11).  More information is available on the Staff page.

Lenten Breakfasts Return


Canfield Christian Church will host annual Lenten Breakfasts starting on February 14. All are invited to a home cooked breakfast between 6:30 and 9:30 am every Wednesday until Easter. The free-will offering supports missions of the church.

Souper Sunday


Don't be left out in the cold! All are welcome!
Please join us Sunday, January 14th for soup and fellowship. Our candidate for settled Pastor will be preaching during the 10:30 am worship service immediately followed by a meet and greet with our annual Soup tasting. All are welcome!

Save the date - Fall Block Party September 16th


SAVE THE DATE---BLOCK PARTY on Saturday, September 16th, 11 to 3! Food--Games--Music--Raffles--Door Prizes, all during during the Fall Market on the Green.

Serving on July 4th


Serving the community on the Fourth. Since we are on the parade route, we open the doors to the community providing food, water, close parking spaces for those who need them and a shady place to watch the parade.

(Shown are some members of the "Green Team." They helped park disabled, fed the hungry and provided water for the thirsty. And restrooms for the desperate! We love our church!)


Working at David's House


Pictured are four of our folks getting ready to work on David's House. David is a lifelong, beloved member of the church who is living in a group home. We are sprucing up David's room, the shared living areas on both the men's and women's sides and cleaning up the outside. It is a privilege to serve in this small way.

Our Children at Severance Hall!


Sunday, 2 April 2017, we visited Severance Hall. Since 1931, Severance Hall has been the home of the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra. After enjoying a concert featuring Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” our children set out to find the polished brass screw located in the marble floor of Severance Hall's Grand Foyer.

Upon the completion of Severance Hall, Mr. Severance stated that the screw, put there by the workers who laid the floor, was to remain in place. Our children found it.

Please worship with us on Palm Sunday and learn how the legendary story of this screw applies to our relationship with God.

Settled Minister Update, February, 2017


Our Search Committee met with Regional Pastor Dr. Bill Edwards on Wednesday, February 22 and received seventeen profiles of potential ministers. Dr. Edwards explained how to proceed by making initial contacts with all seventeen to make sure they were still in the Search and Call process. This being accomplished, our committee members have each received copies of all profiles to read and to prayerfully consider the candidate/s that will be the best match for our faith community. The committee asks for your prayers as we go through this important process as your representatives.



Alan, Ashley, Helen, Martin, Patty, Laurie and Sally

Valentines from Us


Valentine deliveries were made to twenty-five individuals and families and even the Canfield Fire Department got some love! Each recipient got a church-made valentine, carnations and a heart-shaped iced cookie.Join us Sunday mornings at 10 for coffee fellowship and 10:30 for worship to see what all the excitement is about!

Week of Compassion


Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.
(Matthew 25:40)

God is most tangibly present in this world where people hunger, thirst, lack adequate clothing and shelter, and are sick or imprisoned.  Christ claims as family members people who suffer. Christ is so present in them that when you feed the hungry, care for the sick, welcome the stranger – you feed, and care for, and welcome Christ.

When you give through Week of Compassion to those who suffer from natural disasters, war, or systemic poverty, you let them know: You are here.

The Week of Compassion offering will be received Sundays, February 19 and 26. Your giving meets people in their places of greatest need. The mission of Week of Compassion is to
"equip and empower disciples to alleviate the suffering of others through disaster response, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and the promotion of mission opportunities."

Green Eggs, Ham, and "Souper" Sunday!


This was Green Eggs and Ham Sunday at Canfield Christian Church! Our message "Touching Lives through God's Persistence" was shown through the well-known children's book by Dr. Seuss. After receiving their own books, the kiddos served us delicious decorated marble cake by Kim's in Canfield.

January 29th is "Soup's On" Sunday. Our kids will bring their wagons to collect cans of soup for Operation Blessing during the offering and after the service, we will sample delicious, homemade offerings in Fellowship Hall. Join us--it's going to be good!! Worship service is at 10:30. We'd love to see you!

Search Committee Update - January, 2017

We are moving forward in the process of finding and calling our settled pastor. On January 9, 2017, we submitted a short congregational narrative prepared by our search committee. The narrative is based on what we discussed during our lunch to prioritize your visions for leadership.

The narrative and congregational profile are now being reviewed by Dr. Bill Edwards, our Regional Minister. He will format the profile and begin circulating it for consideration by potential candidates. As Bill told us over a year ago when we first met with him, “God is preparing someone right now to be your settled pastor.”

Your search committee members look forward to completing our important role of recognizing and identifying that person. We humbly request your continued prayers for our process, each committee member, the congregation and for the leader God is speaking to about serving with us.

Respectfully submitted by your committee:

Alan, Ashley, Helen, Laurie, Martin, Patty and Sally

Settled Minister Search Moves Forward

Our 12 September 2016 Board actions included gearing up for our settled minister search. Sally Ifill is recruiting a search committee to call a settled minister to lead us in advancing our future mission fulfillment. Sally will present seven prospective search committee members to our board during the 10 October 2016 meeting. We are positioned to begin a formal process so that we remain on target with the goal to call a settled minister by Easter 2017.

Dr. Bill Edwards, the Regional Minister of the Christian Church in Ohio, is meeting with our Board and Search Committee on 9 October. His purpose is to provide further guidance in the search process. Bill is preaching and leading us in what we can anticipate will be an inspiring time together in worship. Bill is a powerful preacher and we are looking forward to how the Holy Spirit will move among us as we worship together.

Our Baby Gowns in Action


Our baby gowns are being put to great use! We received a reponse from Mission of Love, the organization that accepted our gift:  "Kathy (Price, a founder of Mission of Love) saw the kimonos and said they are perfect to use for exam gowns for frightened children who will be undergoing assessment for treatment. Your generosity is going to dry a lot of tears and make a lot of smiles. Thanks for caring."

Congregational Lunch and Visioning Discussion


Canfield Christian Church welcomes your thoughts during our Congregational Lunch and Visioning discussions. The potluck lunch and discussions will take place immediately after worship on 31 July 2016.

Each person present is invited to select three of the ten "Vision Engagement Priorities" they believe are essential to shaping our future service.

For over 187 years our visions have embraced change so that we may effectively serve through faith based leadership. We look forward to having you join us on 31 July 2016, at 10:30 for worship and 11:30 for lunch as we consider where God is calling us to lead.

Our Contribution


Jodi Harmon from Potential Development visited today to tell us how our contribution from July 4 would impact their program She invited us for a personal tour of the facilities! We look forward to a fruitful partnership!

Our Red Cross Lunches


Well, another Red Cross Blood Drive is in the books. Canfield Christian has partnered with the Red Cross for close to two decades. We provide the lunch for the volunteers and homemade cookies for the donors for the July drive at the Methodist church.. This year's lunch was sloppy joes, three-bean salad, fresh green salad with fruit and raspberry vinaigrette and chips. Thanks to everyone who uses their culinary talents for this worthwhile project!

Settled Minister Search

Our church is currently in the process of meeting to determine our mission as a congregation. This is vital to our future and to the calling of a "settled" or permanent minister. Interim Ed Allen continues to be available to all members to hear their ideas and visions for the church. Results of the meetings will be submitted to the board for discussion and then we will move toward that mission goal and finding our settled minister. 

Each of us brings gifts, ideas and commitment to the selection of a permanent minister. As we begin our search process, we will call on people to help develop a profile of what we seek in a new minister. With the help of The Christian Church in Ohio regional office, we will then begin the process of  identifying individuals whose dedication, experience and availability are most likely to lead us in fulfilling our visions. This process could take a six to twelve month commitment on the part of the search team. Some of our members may feel called to serve in this way. If you do, please contact Ed or Sally Ifill, who will head the team.
We will finish developing our profile by the end of this month and will be contacting the regional office  by September 1. Our search team will be in place and ready to begin its important work by then. We look forward to working with everyone as we take the next steps to a rewarding future.

Mission of Love

Our baby robes have found a home! Last year the women of the church made baby robes specified by Church World Service to be used in emergencies for babies under the age of one. We met over several work sessions to complete the robes and when we checked with Church World Service to see what else was needed, we discovered they were no longer distributing baby clothes! The search was on to find another group that could use them. Mission of Love (out of Austintown) has enthusiastically agreed to accept our robes as part of their mission to Guatemala. We are happy that the items so lovingly made have found a destination. Check out to see more about their great work.

Best Seats in Town!


Join us for the best seats in town to view Canfield's huge Fourth of July Parade! (This photo was taken from the church front lawn last year.) The church will be open from 8:00 am with coffee and pastries for all who stop by. We will also offer chips, soda, cotton candy and other goodies for donations to benefit Autism support. Free bottles of water, "living water," will be distributed to the thirsty!

Bring Your Dad!


This will be a special Sunday at Canfield Christian Church. Coffee and pastries will be available before the service for a time of gathering and sharing. During the service, fathers will be honored with a picture video and a gift. The choir will be singing, accompanied by Anita Powell. Interim Minister Ed Allen continues to inspire us. Come join us at 9:30 for gathering and 10:30 for worship service. Bring your Dad!

Future Directions Discussions (with coffee and cookies)


To further develop our visioning process, members are invited to participate in a series of one hour “Future Directions Discussions (with coffee & cookies)” where we will explore what we all would like beyond filled pews – and glean your ideas for how we will each – “as on Pentecost – add to our purpose and our numbers.”

We will compile the information and engage in a full church discussion once initial thoughts are compiled – discussed with the board - and distributed to each person invested in the life and ministry of the Canfield Christian Church.

There are four more sessions upcoming in June:

        16 June: 10:00 AM and at 6:00 PM

        22 June: 10:00 AM and at 6:00 PM

Individuals and small groups are invited to suggest other times if needed.

The summary will go to the board July 11, findings will be mailed out as a first class letter July 18. Congregational discussion will be held Sunday July 31.

Study Area Improvements


If you haven't seen the refreshed Minister's Study at the church yet, stop by.  Old wallpaper and curtains were removed to make way for "Winterberry Gray" paint and "Driftwood" two inch blinds. The built-in bookcases were scrubbed, guest chairs repaired and furniture rearranged. Special thanks to Kevin Payne and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this much needed improvement.