Settled Minister Search Team Forming

July 9, 2016

Our church is currently in the process of meeting to determine our mission as a congregation. This is vital to our future and to the calling of a "settled" or permanent minister. Interim Ed Allen continues to be available to all members to hear their ideas and visions for the church. Results of the meetings will be submitted to the board for discussion and then we will move toward that mission goal and finding our settled minister. 
Each of us brings gifts, ideas and commitment to the selection of a permanent minister. As we begin our search process, we will call on people to help develop a profile of what we seek in a new minister. With the help of The Christian Church in Ohio regional office, we will then begin the process of  identifying individuals whose dedication, experience and availability are most likely to lead us in fulfilling our visions. This process could take a six to twelve month commitment on the part of the search team. Some of our members may feel called to serve in this way. If you do, please contact Ed or Sally Ifill, who will head the team.
We will finish developing our profile by the end of this month and will be contacting the regional office  by September 1. Our search team will be in place and ready to begin its important work by then. We look forward to working with everyone as we take the next steps to a rewarding future.

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